New, Local Hiring Solution in York County to Launch Soon

Local Job Board: The New Main Street of Hiring

The Rock Hill Reader is currently developing a localized job board that will specifically serve the Rock Hill and York County area and we need you!

We will feature jobs only in the local area and from reputable employers like you. In our opinion, job seekers who want to use online job postings are far better served by using niche job boards that target specific areas, and the same goes for employers.
How does it work?
Our employer dashboard is a simple form that is filled out, approved, and immediately published on the website and across social media. Not only will your job opening be shared on our site and social media, reaching several thousand job searchers, but we will also email your posting to our rapidly growing subscriber list.
Even if your company is national, we welcome you to take advantage of our job board, as long as the position you are hiring for is in York County.
There is a need in York County
As a former job seeker, I HATED looking for jobs on those monster job sites just to find that the job was way up in Charlotte. Worse was when I had to correct and manually type in all my resume info after uploading it. The redundancy frustrated me and left several applications only half-filled for jobs where I might have been an asset. After speaking with other job seekers, I discovered that they feel the same. A more direct and transparent route to a new career is half the battle. isn’t helping you
This is where Rock Hill Reader’s job board comes in and we want to bring potential employees who are searching for jobs in the immediate area right now to you in a simple and affordable manner.
While job seekers keep searching, for example, on Indeed where you’ve placed your ad, they generate more visits to, which yields dramatic increases in their revenue and hikes your pay-per-click price. In my research, I have yet to discover their data as proven. They have big numbers on applicants, but what about job hires? They don’t follow up with you like a local, human-run site can.
A flat rate with personalized results
Personalized options are what’s important to reshape York County’s job market. Can I promise you’ll fill jobs left and right? Of course not. But what I do promise is that our system is not automated and will reach people who you might have missed with the big job boards.
After we tested a post that listed a few select jobs in the area, our post was shared several thousand times! We tried it again the next week, the same results! This shows us that a local job board is the solution.
Our goal
We are going back to Main Street, so to speak, and by York County residents getting jobs in the area we will also keep our own economy growing, which is good for your business – you know that!
We want to shop local, eat local, and drink local. We want to work local. The whole point of our new job board is to hook job seekers up with employers, all of whom live and operate in the area. This keeps jobs here and money flowing within York County.
So, if this opportunity interests you, I urge you to respond as quickly as possible to get the ball rolling. I will give you all the information you need to get your first job post up and running on the Rock Hill Reader.

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