Winthrop's Call Me MISTER Program Earns Partnership Award From Rock Hill Schools

Winthrop University’s Call Me MISTER cohort began as a tuition assistance and support program for male students from diverse backgrounds and under-served areas who would like to teach.

Call Me MISTER has evolved since then into a program that lends support to other groups as well, earning Winthrop’s chapter the 2016 Outstanding Partnership Award from Rock Hill Schools.

Rock Hill Schools annually recognizes businesses, individual community partners, school improvement councils and civic organizations for their much-needed significant contributions to education. The district noted Winthrop’s Call Me MISTER program’s commitment to excellence, specifically its recent mentor program with Oakdale Elementary School students.

Oakdale seeks to have 100 mentors and/or volunteers at its school each year. The men of Call Me MISTER responded, visiting Oakdale weekly for an entire school year. They were each assigned a mentee and listened to their students and offered advice and encouragement.

The group plans to continue this project in 2017.

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