Why the Rock Hill Reader?

Who are You and What Have You Done with Our News?

Suddenly there’s a new kid in town. A mysterious, unheard of, novel idea of bringing together a community in one place. No additives, no fluff. It’s Rock Hill’s other news source.

In what’s called a “spoke and wheel” format, the RHR’s mission is to create one place for important information that serves Rock Hill, encompasses York County, and includes relevant State information.

The Good Stuff

The idea is unification through information. Ranging from  diverse, quality news to local issues both social and economic, this “other” news source is meant to wade through all the disappointing, lacking, and underrepresented gunk floating around in our city and state and bring you the stuff that matters, the good stuff.

Going beyond the latest arrests and pushing aside hateful rhetoric spewed out for the sake of attention, the Rock Hill Reader attempts to shine the light on not just “what”, but “why” and “how”and without pointing fingers – the way journalism was meant to be.

What Else?

Glad you asked! Despite the seriously grim outlook the media has painted, there are good things going on. We don’t mean to say that we are a “feel good news source”, we’re just realists. We want to feature social and community news with accessible information as well as take a critical look at all the things that are contributing to those stark paintings from other media. Rock Hill is lacking in some areas, let’s see how we can take a magnifying glass to some select problems and push for progress.

Enter the Entertainment

People often use publications and social media to find goings on, but so many of those things are pushed aside by headline stories that will only be important that day or that hour. With so much going on in the region as it grows, it pains us to see that so few people are taking advantages of events outside of the huge marketed ones that only come a couple of times a year. We hope to fill that void with an alt-weekly aspect that will offer a healthy selection of worthwhile activities under one roof.