Tiny Homes in Rock Hill Could be a Thing

For Dale Dove, the dream of introducing tiny homes to people in York County who most need them, people like you and I, might become a reality. Under one condition: building codes and zoning gets changed in York County.
Dove knows firsthand the struggles those who cannot afford a home face. He works with them every day at Renew Our Community, a resource center that offered immediate access to every York County outreach ministry, organization, and foundation.

We can’t afford to gentrify Rock Hill

The biggest challenge for Dove and his team to get tiny homes rolled out in York County has been zoning and building code meant to keep property values high; something decided on a local level. Something that can change.

Larger Houses = Higher Taxes

When it comes to local government, bigger equals better. The larger the home and its footprint, the more money it brings in with no concern for a sustainable environment or the money it costs those who simply want a roof over their heads. And when it comes to building tiny homes, the movement is a no-go because Dove’s recently finished home is less than the required 800 square feet.

People can’t afford housing in Rock Hill or York County

And as Greg Jarell put it in a Charlotte Agenda article published in July of this year,

We build for profit margins. We scale up. We design some folks right out of our city, often the children and grandchildren of the same folks we’ve been designing out of the city for as long as anyone can remember.”

Unsheltered in York County: The Numbers

South Carolina’s annual point-in-time count identified 5,354 homeless persons on a given night in January 2015, with about 35 percent of those interviewed labeled as unsheltered homeless. That was a six percent increase over last year and compares with 5,040 homeless persons identified in the 2014 point-in-time count.
Dove is looking to the York County Council and Rock Hill City Council to approve zoning and building standards specifically for these homes. Dove is presenting their plan to the York County Council this Monday.