Sonoco Implementing Price Increase for Paperboard Tubes and Cores

Sonoco is implementing price increases for all paperboard tubes and cores in the United States and Canada by a minimum of 8 percent.

Sonoco previously announced a 6 percent to 8 percent price increase on all paperboard tubes and cores in October 2016 and the Company is revising the increase to a minimum of 8 percent, effective with shipments beginning February 13, 2017.

“This price adjustment is necessary to recover continuing cost increases in uncoated recycled paperboard, our primary raw material, combined with higher costs for energy, labor and other input costs,” said James Harrell, corporate vice president for Sonoco’s U.S. and Canada Tubes and Cores Division.

Sonoco is the largest producer of paper-based tubes and cores in North America, which are used to serve the paper, textile, plastic film, and tape and specialty industries.  For more information about Sonoco’s complete line of paperboard tubes and cores or to learn more about current pricing, please visit the Company’s website or contact the Company at +800-377-2692.

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