What Shopping Local Really Means in Rock Hill

Shopping and gift-giving can mean so much more

This article was originally featured in the January 2018 issue of the Rock Hill Reader entitled “Resolutions”.

Shopping local doesn’t mean you have to change up your routine by toting dozens of reusable bags, driving from place to place, and paying only in cash. Local doesn’t mean archaic, and many businesses have up to date technology including card readers and participate in e-commerce. Blue Rose even has a shipping warehouse connected to the store for an all in one, time-saving operation. Because of this, locally owned brick and mortar stores and farmers markets are capable of earning, and keeping, more money for their communities.

We all want to make things easy. With major online retailers, it’s tempting to simply click the “buy now” button. Thanks to the new location right here in Rock Hill, the folks at Blue Rose have seen a lot more foot traffic. What could be better than driving only a few minutes to their showroom? Visiting their website and ordering online for quick delivery. Since shopping local doesn’t limit shoppers to only an in-person buying experience, the store is seeing even more online sales than the physical location. Better yet, shopping through their website still keeps money in the economy.

Locally owned businesses put a greater revenue share back into the local economy compared to chain stores
When you spend $100 locally, around $68 stays in your community, as opposed to shopping with a large corporation, where only $48 stays in your local economy. Choosing to shop local in 2018 can directly affect the local economy, your friends, and your neighbors.

Shopping with small businesses can have a big impact that shouldn’t be underestimated. Shopping with independently owned businesses within Rock Hill  and York County like Blue Rose Pottery is a simple way to make a difference in our community.

Commit today to buying gifts for birthdays, anniversaries, holidays locally. Be it regionally crafted, grown or raised, you can incorporate locally owned businesses like Blue Rose Pottery into your habit of  shopping local.

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