SCE&G Announces Recycling Totals for 2016

SCE&G announced it recycled more than 560,000 tons of materials last year.

The company increased recycling totals in key areas, including metals, glass, cardboard and paper. Coal ash and organic material, like tree limbs, accounted for the top two recycled materials between July 2015 and June 2016, at 523,000 tons and 19,000 tons recycled respectively. SCE&G also recovers energy from, or sells to others for recycling, nearly 275,000 gallons of used oil annually. By using recycled oil, SCE&G reduces the amount of coal that otherwise would be burned by about 1,500 tons a year.

“Environmental stewardship is important to us,” said Tom Effinger, director of environmental services for SCE&G. “Strong recycling totals each year reflect our deep commitment to the communities that we serve and protecting the environment for future generations.”

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