Sanford, McGovern Introduce Freedom to Travel to Cuba Bill

Representatives Mark Sanford and Jim McGovern (MA-02) introduced H.R. 351, the Freedom to Travel to Cuba Act of 2017. The bill simply removes the current travel restrictions to Cuba.

“Unless there is an overwhelming threat to national security, every United States citizen has the constitutional right to free travel as they, not the federal government, see fit.

“I’ve been working toward restoring Americans’ constitutional right to travel freely not only because I believe our personal freedoms need to be protected from encroachment by the federal government but because I also believe the travel restrictions have not produced the intended goal of bringing change to Cuba.

“There are many other oppressive regimes around the world that we would all condemn – North Korea, Syria, and Iran to list a few – yet the only country that Americans are restricted from visiting is Cuba. The ban on travel to Cuba, which was enacted at the height of the Cold War and Communist threat, is both outdated and an unjust limitation on American freedom.”

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