Resolve to Eat More Home Cooking

Southern Food Junkie: Eat More Home Cooking

The Southern Food Junkie himself: Ronnie Williams Visit his website at

The Southern Food Junkie started as a local restaurant reviewer in Rock Hill but has recently switched gears. His knowledge base is wide and he now offers recipes, discusses specific foods and beverages, blogs his travels throughout the Piedmont, and much more.

He’s knowledgeable about all things food, especially home cooking, and you can always find a fun fact or two peppered throughout his blog and YouTube channel.
Fellow Southern food junkies might appreciate Ronnie’s recipes that include breakfast, lunch, and dinner; but also side dishes, breads, and desserts that can be found on his website.

There’s nothing more southern than a low country boil and the Southern Food Junkie explains how to do it right. Ronnie explains how this type of meal, when made at home, is a great way to bring family and friends together.

A low country boil like this is a big deal and can be a bit pricey, so we thought we would explore a recipe within the same realm which will encourage those whose New Year’s resolution is to eat at home.

We found SFJ’s Brunswick Stew to be particularly appropriate for the cold January weather.

A smoky chicken stew, Ronnie makes his with leftover smoked chicken. Delicious!

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