6 Quality Rock Hill Side Hustles

Side Hustles in Rock Hill that you can start today.

You don’t have to live in a big city to have a successful side hustle. As a matter of fact, compared to places like Charlotte, Rock Hill is the perfect place to get your side hustle on.

Donate Plasma

My new personal favorite side hustle is donating plasma on Cherry Road in Rock Hill. If you don’t know about plasma donating (rather, selling), yet then check out Ked Plasma on Cherry Road to find out more.

All you need is good overall health, a chunk of time twice a week, and a good book. What you don’t need is a fear of needles, though. The needles used for drawing plasma run as large as 17 gauge (just like donating blood), so this side hustle isn’t for everyone. But with payments twice a week that averages $45-$50 and bonuses from $10-$40, depending on the “special” that month, suddenly that needle doesn’t seem so scary.

Tutor in York County

With York Technical College and Winthrop University in Rock Hill not to mention local middle and high school on top of the nearby campus of USC Lancaster, you’re bound to find a struggling student that could use your help. If you’re all around good at a subject like math, can proofread like a pro, or have special training and knowledge in a specific area like business or accounting, you’re adept to help a student of any level to pass their next test or even assist them in graduating.

Putting up bulletins around campuses, making connections with faculty, and posting online are all great ways to start your tutoring side hustle.

Substitute – not just at schools!

Speaking of academics, if you like kids and/or teens and don’t mind school settings, consider substitute teaching in the Rock Hill School District.

Teachers are people too and sometimes they need a day of. While credentials are pretty lax in terms of training (you don’t need a degree to sub), you do need a clean SLED report and a bit of patience. Once you’re hired on, you can take as many or as few jobs as you want.

Subbing isn’t just for school teachers. If you have training in something else, say yoga, you can stand in for your favorite yoga teacher when she needs a day off.

Also, you can go through a service like Kelly Services to be a stand-in for anything from office admins to maintenance positions at apartment complexes.

Rock Hill is continuing to grow which means more people who need more things. Since side hustles are generally service-based, there’s bound to be one or two hustles on this list you can do to make money in your spare time.

Become a Designated Driver

While cab prices in Rock Hill are ridiculous and many locals bars are spread out (we really need a drinking district), the best alternative to a cab is Lyft or Uber in Rock Hill.

Since we know our little college town has a huge population of students the next logical side hustle idea is to become a designated driver for students (and non-students) who like to partake in adult beverages. You’ll safely get people around town, help to minimize drunk driving incidents in York County, and make some extra money on your terms.

Become a Concierge

As I said, Rock Hill is growing and more people are commuting to Charlotte, leaving less and less time to do daily tasks like run errands, grocery shop, or take care of their pets. While you can specialize in one service like pet sitting, why not pick up a few more odd jobs that people don’t have time for?

If the idea of being someone’s gopher doesn’t appeal to you, just remember that you have to do the same things in your own life already and don’t even get paid for it!

Flip It

Have you noticed those pop-up flea markets on the back roads Rock Hill?

How about auctions in York County?

Since Rock Hill is ideal for retirees, you’re bound to find a handful of estate sale around town.

Oh, and the Barnyard Flea Market in Pineville isn’t too far away.

Did I mention clean-out day at Winthrop AKA dumpster diving?

Offer up and Let Go are really great apps to unload junk, I mean treasures on.

What I’m getting at is the fact that you can easily pick up a few items to flip, even with a simple coat of paint or some elbow grease. Patio sets take quite nicely to a good, solid coat of Rustoleum, while Goodwill trinkets can always be re-purposed into something new or decorative, for example. If you’re imaginative and have a creative flair, there’s no limit to what you can flip for a profit to sell locally or online.

Want to take the next step and turn your side hustle into more than just a gig? Check out this post about becoming legit.


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