ANNOUNCEMENT: New Local Job Board Coming To York County

So you’ve tried Indeed. You attempted Career Builder. You stooped to Craigslist.

Yet none of those monster job boards really seem to be serving you in your job search.

Our job board is going to launch soon, so in order to get the latest updates, hop on over to our subscribe page and sign up. We’ll let you know any pertinent details and when we launch. Until then, take a look at what we’ve been doing to help you get a new job right here in York County.

Thank You, York County

Thanks to our readers, the Rock Hill Reader team has created a way to keep York County small. Not just with our news and articles, but with a localized job board. That’s right, no more wading through pages of job ads just to find that an opening you’re really interested is way up in Charlotte.

After an amazing response to a few local job posts that we shared on our site and throughout social media , we realized that there is a need for this sort of thing. And to help you out, we got right to work designing a user-friendly, local job board.

Monster Job Boards Suck

One of the biggest frustrations for job seekers are the automated forms that you end up filling out manually. You know the ones, they have you upload your resume, but end up putting everything in the wrong slot. Then you have to go in and replace everything to how it should have been done in the first place. Not to mention basically retyping your resume details in the questionnaire areas on some sites. It’s a pain. Then, once you do apply, you can bet your resume is lost amongst all the others, floating around somewhere in cyber space. Will you ever get that call?


America is going back to Main St.

We want to shop local, eat local, and drink local. We want to work local. The whole point of our new job board is to hook job seekers up with employers, all of whom live and operate in the area. This keeps jobs here and money flowing within York County. You can trust that not one single job ad will result in the commute from hell.

Each employer will be screened for legitimately and each post is approved by our team. No more fake work-from-home-with-a-low-startup-cost scams.

All you’ll have to do is reply to the post (similar to craigslist, but not as sketchy), and have peace of mind knowing that you’ve actually submitted your information to a real company in the area.

Spread the News

If you work for or own a company that would be interested in posting job openings on the Rock Hill Reader job board, please email for details. You can also share this via social media or email.