Books on Rock Hill History Make Great Gifts

Rock Hill, South Carolina History: Not just for Textbooks

As I’ve gone through the survey answers on what readers would like to learn about our community, I thought of a few things. First, I know there is tons of literature out there and lots of free resources. One that comes to mind is Roots & Recall. There are hundreds and hundreds of photos on the site with lots of stories and newspaper clippings.

Second, while I plan on writing a bit on local history, I know of a few books that can get you started. I’ll include the links below so you can take a look.

Written by Ron Chepesiuk, this book gives an account of Rock Hill’s influencing industries and how the early town was centered around railways, travelers and textiles.

I’ve used this book for research here and there but have to say that it does not read like a textbook. Written by Sandi Ludwa, the powerful message resonates through each page while helping readers learn some of the truer history of Rock Hill.

I LOVE this title! If you are interested in knowing more about the horseless carriage in Rock Hill, I highly recommend this read by J. Edward Lee.

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