Rock Hill Craft Beer Breweries Continue to Gain Traction

Rock Hill Craft Beer Breweries Gain Traction

Even though we can’t compete with Charlotte in terms of breweries yet, many locally owned restaurants and bars in Rock Hill serve regionally brewed beer aplenty for our enjoyment. What’s more, craft breweries are popping up all over Rock Hill and York County to broaden the local beer lover’s horizons. With this, the Rock Hill craft beer scene is becoming more popular.


Rock Hill Breweries Upgrade Craft Beer Choices

It used to be that we one or two establishments to enjoy a brew, and rarely a craft beer that was provided by a Rock Hill brewery. But lack of choice just wasn’t cutting it for folks interested in spending a whole evening in Old Town, getting the full flavor of what our city had to offer. With Rock Hill’s growth, new avenues for enjoying time in town are opening up and breweries are part of that growth.

Craft Beer in Rock Hill Helps Economy

Aaron Klingenschmidt, co-owner of Main Street Bottle Shop in Old Town Rock Hill has the scoop on the local craft beer industry. With a new opportunity to stick close to home, not only will folks stay in Rock Hill, so will the money. Events that stem from breweries like live music, good food, and all the social aspects that come with the beer scene will help to create an experience right in our backyard. Focus on community operation like sourcing ingredients is also an important aspect. Thames Farm in Fort Lawn is reaping the benefits from Amor Artis Brewing’s spent grains, using it as feed, while Brian O’Neal from Benford Brewing uses the honey from his bees to make their Irish Honey Ale, for example. The trend of new breweries is not only to remain locally focused on volume and production but also sourcing of ingredients.

Here are a few Rock Hill Breweries, Restaurants, and bars to try Today


Main Street Bottle Shop

Legal Remedy Brewing Co.

Millstone Pizza and Taphouse

Five & Dine

McHale’s Irish Pub

Benford Brewing Company

The Pump House

Full Spectrum Brewing Co.

Rock Hill Brewing Company

Slow Play

Dust Off Brewing

Rock Hill Brewing Company

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