Rock Hill’s Iconic Coca-Cola Sign

For at least six decades, the iconic logo has resided in various forms above Dave Lyle Boulevard, Oakland Avenue, and other streets that once ran through Rock Hill.

Rock Hill Coca-Cola sign

In the fall of 2017, hurricane Irma winds damaged the girders holding the sign that has served as a welcoming sight from the east into downtown Rock Hill. It’s been up at least since the 1950s and when Irma damaged the sign, Rock Hill Coca-Cola President Fred Faircloth III said the sign matters to the community and assured us that would be repaired.

Fallen Coca-Cola sign that has stood looking over Dave Lyle since the 1950s

The Rock Hill Coca-Cola Bottling Company has been a fixture in our community since 1906 and has been actively involved in Rock Hill by sponsoring events, donating time and products, and creating and supporting endowments.

The Coca-Cola sign stands tall over Rock Hill.

Today, the Coca-Cola sign still stands, welcoming folks to town traveling on and below the Oakland Avenue bridge that was dedicated to York County veterans of all wars in 1936.

Oakland Ave bridge that was dedicated to the York County veterans of all wars in 1936


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