ProBrass Inc. establishing Clarendon County Operations

ProBrass Inc., a startup firm specializing in the manufacturing and remanufacturing of rifle brass cartridge cases, is establishing operations in Clarendon County. The company has recently acquired a 144,000-square-foot facility located on 47 acres. The company is investing $40 million in the facility, machinery and equipment, creating more than 70 new jobs in Summerton, S.C.

With machine designs for both the new manufacturing and remanufacturing of brass cartridge cases for small arms ammunition, ProBrass provides military standard, Sporting Arms and Ammunition Manufacturers Institute quality products. The company plans to sell its products through distributors specializing in consumer ammunition.

Hiring for the new positions will begin in early 2017, and readySC will be assisting with the recruitment process. For more information on the company, contact

The Coordinating Council for Economic Development has approved job development credits related to the project.


“We made the decision to locate in South Carolina because, in the Palmetto State, pro-business is not a bland statement but a hard core reality. We’ve benefited enormously from the rapid response to our needs, round-the-clock assistance in our location search and continuous support by the S.C. Department of Commerce, Clarendon County officials, the Business Development Corporation of S.C. and the South Carolina Research Authority.  We are truly grateful for all the support and feel most welcome.” –Pro Brass Inc. Co-Founder and CEO Christopher Moe

“Any time a company decides to invest in one of our rural counties, it shows a commitment to our state that we couldn’t be more grateful for. ProBrass Inc.’s decision to choose South Carolina as the place to begin its business is a testament to our competitive business environment and our world-class workforce that has made a name for itself as one of the best in the world.” –Gov. Nikki Haley

“We’re always excited to see startups investing in our state, and specifically in our rural areas, such as Clarendon County. Today’s announcement by ProBrass Inc. is a testament to the solid, stable business climate that we’ve created in South Carolina, which gives new companies the best opportunity to succeed.” –Secretary of Commerce Bobby Hitt

“It is with open arms that we welcome a new corporate citizen to our growing industrial base. The entrepreneurial spirit is alive and well in Clarendon County and we look forward to working side by side with ProBrass Inc. and wish them much success.” –Clarendon County Council Chairman Dwight Stewart

“Welcome ProBrass Inc., to the Central South Carolina community. We are confident you will have the resources needed to grow and thrive in this innovative, business friendly state. Congratulations once again to Team South Carolina on another big industry announcement.” –Central S.C. Alliance Chairman Mike Brenan


  • ProBrass Inc. is establishing operations in Clarendon County
  • $40 million investment creating 70 new jobs.
  • ProBrass Inc. is a startup firm specializing in the manufacturing and remanufacturing of rifle brass cartridge cases.
  • Hiring for the new positions will begin in early 2017.
  • readySC will be assisting with the recruitment process.

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