Price Gouging Law in SC Is In Effect

Price Gouging in SC

With Hurricane Matthew making its way toward the South Carolina Coast and expected to hit areas like Charleston and Myrtle Beach hard, gas stations across the state are subject to South Carolina price gouging laws.

The President announced the statue was in effect Oct. 4, once Gov. Nikki Haley issued her executive order declaring a state of emergency as major Hurricane Matthew bears down on the coast.

What is gas price gouging?

Price gouging refers to times when retailers raise the price of goods, including gas, during times of emergency. The seller essentially spikes the prices beyond a reasonable level, that it’s considered unfair, exploitative, and unethical.

Price gouging constitutes a criminal violation and is an unfair trade practice.

What is the price gouging law in SC?

The price gouging law (SC 39-5-145) is a general prohibition of unconscionable prices during times of disaster. Price gougers can be charged for excessive pricing, a misdemeanor offense punishable with a $1,000 fine and/or 30 days in jail. It is in effect for the next 15 days.

 Report price gouging in SC

Please email any examples or documentation to; tweet photos or examples tagging @SCPriceGouging; or call 803-737-3953 if you have witnessed a likely violation.