Missing Clover Teen, Lexi Thomas

Lexi Thomas, 16 Has Been Missing For Almost Two Days

Image your worst nightmare coming true: You drop your teen daughter off at work and discover she has gone missing only a few short hours later. Her phone is off, she is untraceable, and there’s a possibility she left with a much older man.

With little assistance from police in Clover and Rock Hill but a ton of help from a community via social media, word is spreading about the missing Clover, SC teen Lexi Thomas.

Clover, SC Teen Is Missing

Lexi’s mother dropped her off at Bojangles in Clover around 4pm on Friday for her shift. It has been said that she left Bojangles sometime between 7 and 8pm that evening “with a friend who dropped her off in Rock Hill.” She was supposed to work until 11pm. No word on who the friend is at this time.

An employee at Taco Bell on Cherry Road in Rock Hill has since claimed they saw her there, but she left after about an hour. It’s suspected she was at Taco Bell between 10:00pm and 1:00am. The employee said she left with someone in an older pickup truck, but nothing has been confirmed.


Lexi, who is 16 years old, has short, blond hair and blue eyes. She was last seen wearing her Bojangles uniform: a red or orange shirt and black pants leaving. She was initially seen leaving Bojangles in Clover and since then has been seen leaving Taco Bell on Cherry Road in Rock Hill.


Anyone with any information is encouraged to call:

Clover Police Dept. 803-222-9494 or Rock Hill Police Dept. 803-329-720

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