Kmart Plaza Sold to Charlotte Based Storage Company

You can see the information about the September 26th sale of Rock Hill’s Kmart Here and Here.

The location sold for approximately $6 million and the property can be seen on their website. The 10-acre site could be redeveloped as self-storage and outparcel use.

Locals are upset with the possibility of the plaza being turned into “yet another” storage facility, and suggest the land would be better used if there were more parks, green spaces, restaurants, retail like Old Navy, or places for children like Chuck E. Cheeses. Comments are raging at developers and city officials to “do better” and encouraging them to “help the community to be a desirable place to live”.

Worried about tourism, residents compare Rock Hill to towns like Fort Mill who foster a community that provides entertainment and culture. One user commented that taxes and home prices being lower than areas like Fort Mill and it’s “becoming more and more evident why that is so” in response to the sale.

Angry at the fact there are so many storage facilities continuously popping up all over York County, some suggest homeowners associations are to blame. When homeowners cannot put their RVs, boats, or other items in their driveways or yards, storage facilities come in handy. But could this be an out of control spiral of supply and demand that does not have York County’s future in our best interest? Perhaps, but the only way to avoid undesirable outcomes is to attend City Council meetings and contact local politicians with concerns and ideas. One resident on a social media suggests “the only way anything will change is if the residents stand up together”.

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