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Insight Assessments: A Better Way to Find Success

This article was originally published in the April 2018 issue of Rock Hill reader the Magazine

Just up the road in Fort Mill, SC is a new business helping students and professionals find success by knowing their strengths.  The goal of Insight Assessments is to help make life transitions easier by highlighting career path, college major and job change options based on your unique interests and personality.

“What do you want to do when you grow up?” is a question that can cause a lot of stress…and not just for teenagers. Most people can tell you if they are better at math and science or English and business but those same people often have lots of trouble expressing their true interests and professional goals.  Insight Assessments uses the most valid and reliable measures of interest, motivation and personality to help you find your ideal career fit.

Insight Assessments uses the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) to identify your preferred personality traits and how you use them in all types of situations.  Looking inward and understanding how your preferred traits influence behavior can help identify your best learning style, most effective communication style and be helpful in conflict resolution.      

The Strong Interest Inventory is used to take a look at how your personal motivations and interests could help or hinder you along a chosen career path or in a particular college major.  The Strong is a great tool to find careers where others with your same interests are finding success and fulfillment everyday.

One of the best features of the packages offered by Insight Assessments is convenience; everything is done online.  The initial meeting to the assessments and even the debrief session is done from the comfort of your home or office.

In York County, eighth grade students are asked to develop an Individualized Graduation Plan (IGP) that lists the academic courses required for both graduation and post-secondary education, including courses related to the student’s selected (H.S.) major.  That’s right, high schools in South Carolina have majors. The IGP also includes extended learning activities like internships and job shadowing. While some kids have a clear idea of what classes they are interested in, many do not.

For high school students with an eye towards college, interest and personality assessments can help narrow down college major choice and help make actual college location decisions.  Research has also shown that students who choose their major based on personality and interests have a better overall college experience, including being more involved and maintaining a higher overall GPA, than students who base their college major decision on outside influences.  

If college isn’t your thing, that’s OK.  Certain personality traits and interest categories lend themselves to professions that don’t require as much education after high school.  Problems can arise though when you don’t have a plan or the structure of school guiding your way. Interest and personality assessments can provide some external structure and help focus your job searches so that you can achieve your professional goals.

Finally, sometimes you just need a change of professional environment.  Whether you are returning to the workforce after years at home, transitioning out of the military or maybe you fell into your current situation and realize it isn’t a good fit. Interest and personality assessments can provide that added extra bit of clarity to make a life changing leap just a little less scary!

Kate Kraxberger is the founder of Insight Assessments, LLC and believes that students and professionals can find success by knowing their strengths.  Connect with Kate through

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