Gov. McMaster Asks Trump for $5B for South Carolina's Roads

Gov. Henry McMaster asked the federal government Monday for $5 billion to help repair South Carolina’s crumbling roads and bridges, marking his first public stance on the road-funding question.

The Republican governor’s letter to President Donald Trump also indicated a dislike of raising the state’s 16-cents-per-gallon gas tax.

“It is too much at this time to ask our people to bear this burden alone, heightening fears of increased gas taxes, delay, missed opportunities and decline,” McMaster wrote. A $5 billion appropriation would “help us bridge this economic gap and ignite a prosperity that will return the investment many times over.”

But it remains unclear whether McMaster, who has been mum on the issue, would veto legislation that includes raising a state tax unchanged since 1987. McMaster’s office declined to specify.

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