Cat Yoga, Goat Yoga, Beer Yoga, Oh My!

Oh my God. I’m sorry, I just cannot get on board with this goat yoga and beer yoga and cat yoga I keep seeing pop up on my social media feeds from local Rock Hill businesses.

Don’t get me wrong: I LOVE unique things. I am so happy that the White Home and Amor Artis Brewing and others are exploring various kinds of yoga novelties. Bringing a unique experience to Rock Hill is wonderful, and so are trying new things. But I just cannot bring myself to do it!

Look: Yoga in the Park is bad enough. Bad in the sense that trying to hold tree pose in the baking sun in the middle of hot summer is actually worse than hot yoga. If there is such a thing. Heat stroke, anyone?

Yay for Yoga in the Park, but a big fat BOO to the heat and humidity Rock Hill weather assaults us with from March through October.

When I do yoga I want to be in a nice cool environment. I want a fan running at all times and giving me a pleasant breeze so I can actually concentrate on my poses. I don’t think I want a goat chewing on my tunic or yoga mat. They eat everything. Plus, when it comes to holding the plank with a cat scenting me, rubbing up with their furry lovey-dovey faces is the kind of distraction I can get at home. By the way, anyone have any advice on getting my cat to stop clawing at my yoga mat like a scratching post?

Call me high maintenance, but trying to listen to my breath and holding my core and balancing…and…and…and is already quite enough for me. Add beer on top of that and there goes my core. Plus I’ll be running to the little girl’s room half a pint in.

Storage facilities are famous for their climate control. I can certainly see that becoming a thing. A guarantee that the humidity won’t reach hair frizzing levels is a big selling point for me.

What do you think? Does goat yoga, beer yoga, cat yoga, and the like interest you? It is something you want to or have already tried? Tell us about it!

Yours in Happy Reading,

Rebecca Sutton

Founder, Rock Hill Reader

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