Drone Delivery: 47% of Americans are Ready to Adopt the Technology

Amazon and other shipping companies have been heavily investing in drone delivery services and the convenience store 7-Eleven has even launched the first regular commercial drone delivery in the U.S this week. But are Americans ready to trust and adopt this new technology?

ReportLinker has conducted a survey to answer the question and results show that:

  • 47% of Americans are interested in the drone delivery technology

  • Men (53%) and younger Millennials aged 18-24 (72%) are much more interested in drone delivery service than other groups

  • Online shoppers say the items they’re most likely to ship with a drone are apparel and electronics.

When citing the biggest factors in choosing a shipping option:

  • 26% of US respondents say the cost is the primary reason

  • 21% mention the speed of delivery

  • And 18% make their choice based on the service’s reliability

And despite the role drones already play in the medical and humanitarian sectors

  • Only 10% of survey respondents say they’d use a drone for such deliveries.

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