Department of Consumer Affairs Warns of Email Scam in SC

The South Carolina Department of Consumer Affairs (SCDCA) is urging the public to be wary of imposter scams.

An email is circulating that appears to be from SCDCA and encourages recipients to click on a link for more information. This email is NOT from SCDCA. The email apparently targets attorneys and references a consumer complaint filed against the business. It is a phishing e-mail and if the link or attachment provided is clicked, a scammer can install malware on the computer.

To avoid this type of scam, remember:

– Check the email address. Does the email address have typos or seem out of the ordinary? For example, since SCDCA is a government entity, all our email addresses end with the domain .gov. An email from “SCDCA” that ends in .com or .org is a scam red flag.

– Was the e-mail in a junk folder? E-mail providers use filters to help weed out spam and scams.

– Review the email carefully. Look for typos, grammatical errors and suspicious requests. Is the name of the agency spelled correctly? When in doubt, pick up the phone and contact the sender directly with a phone number not found in the email.

– Report. Always report phishing and imposter emails to the organization that the email is supposedly from. Also, consider reporting the email to the FBI’s Internet Crime Complaint Center,, and your e-mail provider.

For more information on avoiding scams, see SCDCA’s scam guide, “Ditch the Pitch.” For more information about avoiding identity theft and fraud, visit and click REPORT IDENTITY THEFT. About SCDCA The South Carolina Department 

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