Why Don’t York Tech and York County’s Culture and Heritage Museums denounce Andrew Dys?

Local race-baiting busybody opinion columnist, Andrew Dys continues to cause harsh criticism of the Herald’s choice in writers, as more people claim to cancel subscriptions and unsubscribe from the newspaper’s social media feeds due to his misrepresentation of local groups, businesses, and organizations at his hand.

Civil War Brewing in Rock Hill

Naturally, Dys has lit and fanned a flame of hatred as he regularly does in an attempt to pin blacks against whites in Rock Hill and York County at large, and has used his first article on the matter in an attempt to incite protests on York Tech’s campus.

After skirt-tugging York Technical College’s administration and tattling…err…informing them that Baxter Hood Center will be host to the Sons of Confederate Veterans yearly convention, Dys chose to highlight an interview with the only black member of York County Council, William Roddey (who is not on the board at York Tech), selectively stating his article for argument.

Dys grossly misinformed the public of what the event is really about, prompting the Western York County branches of the NAACP to denounce York Tech’s decision to allow the Sons of Confederate Veterans to hold a private event that will consist of memorials to family members who served and died in the Civil War.

The columnist has used Rock Hill’s motto “No Room for Racism” ironically to indeed incite racism among the community, using the motto inappropriately against members of the community who want to honor their fallen family members. And despite his best efforts and the Herald still giving him a platform, it’s backfiring. We are on to you, Dys.

Tourism in Rock Hill Is More Valuable Than You Think

Dys, while trying to upset readers by pointing out that the Hood Center is funded by taxpayers, also neglected to consider that the event held at the Baxter Hood Center in March will bring tourism money to our community, as the convention is going to draw members from the entire state of South Carolina who need hotels, transportation, and food. York County is a prime spot, valued for up-and-coming restaurant and breweries as well has its historical value.

“Fake” Brattonsville Civil War ReenactmentVicil War reenacters

Reenactors bring history to us. Since there were no Civil War battles in the area, it must be a severe disappointment, as he not only published a piece on it, but it’s heard that Dys will be in attendance this weekend. However, Dys himself being at the Civil War reenactment this weekend at Historic Brattonsville – the same one he has attempted to stigmatize in yet another recently published article – seems conflicting. If you don’t like something, why bother going?

Yes, the same opinion columnist who makes it his mission to instill racial tensions in a city that has no room for racism is planning to be at the very event he recently attacked, however, this remains to be seen. Additionally, the Herald columnist has managed to publicly shame York County Culture and Heritage Museums and York Technical College by using them as vehicles to enrage citizens. He uses the same tired argument about taxpayer money, yet the Culture & Heritage Museums will use the admission money from some 1,000 people who attend the Civil War reenactment and other demonstrations to help pay for other programs – as it always has.

Like ChristmasVille, History Comes to York County

Brattonsville is offered to the community as a venue for history regardless of where it happened. Preserved homesteads are often moved to parks for display, though they were not built originally on that land, as can be seen at Landsford Canal State Park’s relocated and restored 1790 log cabin.

When, in December, we have no snow to speak of in Rock Hill, do we not bring in Santa Clause himself for ChristmasVille? And, if we do bring a make believe gift-bearing jolly man, why not bring history, including events from the past that involve many of our ancestors that actually happened to those who share the of love of history and a profound concern for its preservation – regardless of where it originally occurred?christmasville

[bctt tweet=”I contend, no matter the reasons for the Civil War, to grab hold of living history no matter where you are and experience it.” username=”RockHillReader”]

If he is there, surely it will be to scrutinize every aspect of the event to find some way in which to instigate racism in a subsequent column since his currency is in the form of column clicks, both good and bad. All this while respectable citizens of Rock Hill will be in attendance to watch and perform the reenactment as a part of history, regardless of where the original battle took place. I contend, no matter the reasons for the Civil War, to grab hold of living history no matter where you are and experience it.

Andrew Dys, while busy trying to debunk something that doesn’t really matter, might like to know that Rock Hill played an integral part in the Civil War, despite no battles having bben directly fought here in York County.

Soldiers from the area went to war and were involved in many of the major Civil War battles. Thanks to the railroad, Rock Hill served as a transfer point for Confederate soldiers as well as supplies moving to and from the front. Homes in the area were also transformed into makeshift hospitals for sick and wounded soldiers and used for refugees fleeing from General Sherman’s troops.

Brattonsville and Dylan Roof – No, Seriously

Dehumanizing the victims of the Charleston shooting, Dys inserts the maniac shooter’s disillusioned relation to the Confederate flag into every article he can about York County’s relation to a war that occurred over 150 years ago, making it appear that York County residents are Confederate flag toting members of the KKK. Dys himself is disillusioned – as is the Herald – to think that we will buy into such propaganda when all we need is a little common sense…

“This is not the image we want in York County,” William Roddey said in one of Andrew Dys’ articles. I for one would agree if he was talking about Dys’ column.

Does Brattonsville really have a connection to Dylan Roof? To say that is to say Brattonsville, York Tech, and the Sons of Confederate Veterans had some hand in the tragic shooting of a church congregation. That all sounds like a stretch. Besides, the Sons of Confederate Veterans already explained  And as Dys lights fires under the NCAAP’s butts about the SCV, who now denounce York Tech’s rightful decision to host an event, any event that will bring people and money to our community, my question is this:

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Andrew Dys is single-handedly trying to smear a major educational institution as well as local museums responsible for upholding and immensely contributing to York County’s historical preservation. And they do nothing about it?

He enjoys only to interject his ill-conceived opinions in order to get the Herald clicks and shares. Sadly this tactic loses readers and continuously discredits him, our paper, and our community.

We Aren’t Falling for It

As for the Herald, how can a paper endorse and publish events and articles touting places like Brattonsville, York Tech, and our museums while at the same time allowing a paid writer to wrongfully criticize some of our county’s most important contributors and sources of education?

There isn’t a place for that kind of manipulation in journalism, even if he is just an opinion columnist. Manipulation of information in media outlets is unjust and does a disservice to our community.

One thing he did get right in his article was executive director of the museums Carey Tilley’s comment, “The reenactment is meant to teach regional history… and give a general sense of what soldiers on both sides of the Civil War endured during battle.”

Nazis burning books

Should we level every home in Rock Hill that once housed a slave? Should we remove all the books in the York County Public Library that discusses the Civil War, including those that contain invaluable information about our genealogy? If it were up to Dys, I think he would stand behind that cause, but lead the book burning.

[bctt tweet=”If it were up to Dys, I think he would stand behind that cause, but lead the book burning.” username=”RockHillReader”]