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Do you have a story idea or questions?

Rock Hill Reader invites local writers, creatives, and generally interesting people to contribute to our site.

Submission FAQs:

(1) Can I submit a story?

Sure can! We review each submission or pitch individually. While we don’t pay for submissions, you retain the rights to your submission.

(2) How do you decide what to publish?

We look for content that has the unique ability to connect to our readers emotionally and intellectually. Does it make them feel something? Does it make them think? Does it answer a question?

Of course, it must be related to the area. It can be a story that looks at a national issue that directly effect Rock Hill or York County.

(3) How do I submit a story? Format?

You can submit your story to

Please be sure the work is a Word document.

For photos: attach separately to the same address.

(4) Does my story have to be perfect?

Yes and no. We reserve the right to make light edits and will edit accordingly for brevity if needed. We do expect good form: excellent organization, grammar, complete thoughts, the usual. Without losing your unique voice, write as if you were going to submit it to a boss or professor.

(5) More on form and format:

  • Original work. If we’ve heard it before, we don’t want to hear it again. And we know what plagiarism looks like.
  • Truth. This isn’t the National Enquirer, so ensure what you submit isn’t rumor generated and can be backed up. Even if the subject isn’t light and happy, that’s fine, just be sure you aren’t slandering your neighbors for payback.
  • Content. Are you an expert? Do you know something our readers don’t but should? By all means, share!
  • Extras. Photos are super handy. Please make sure they are large in size – no thumbnails.
  • Length. Posts should be 400-800 words. However, long-form journalism is still a thing, so if you have a really good story that you know will engage readers, we welcome you to write your little heart out.

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