City of Rock Hill Rightly Reconsiders Charge for Irma Evacuees

A recent post from the City of Rock Hill had residents up in arms about a $50.00 a day, then $50.00 a week charge at the Novant Health BMX Track for those escaping Hurrican Irma.

After a nearly 18-hour barrage of comments and anger from residents, an update appeared:

After reviewing the comments and understanding the strong feelings you have about being neighborly, we will forgo the $50 per week charge to those fleeing Hurricane Irma. Thank you for sharing your concerns and encouragement of waiving the fee. As a staff, we apologize to the people of Rock Hill–including Mayor and Council–for not considering our options more clearly from the outset.

This an important indication that city leaders are listening to the concerns of citizens, reconsidering, and reflecting the views and values of voters.

Many other tracks including Charlotte and Atlanta Motor Speedways are allowing those traveling from danger in their RVs to park at no cost in their facilities.

Those who commented that they are ashamed, embarrassed, and angry can now repost in confidence and share the effort to help those fleeing from Irma’s path. While there is no indication that hotels are following the lead, allowing evacuees to stay for free or discounted prices, Rock Hill now has a 43 spot RV campground available for people to use and wait out Hurricane Irma.

Thank you, City of Rock Hill for reconsidering and displaying our city’s generosity.