Buy the Way: You can now Support York County Charities Through Amazon

In a Smart Marketing Move, Amazon Donates at no Cost to You.


We all want to do some good. Monetary donations to charities are probably one of the easiest ways to do that and now Amazon has made it even easier. Worthwhile? That’s another question.

If donating to your favorite cause is important to you, and you want to contribute in a new way that won’t cost an extra penny out of pocket, this is for you. But as a donator, you have to remember this is a good way to supplement your donations and not replace them.

If you don’t give to charity, that’s fine, I respect that and Amazon Smile might be a good alternative to giving away your money.

In the York County area, charities are plentiful and we can all help them out through Amazon if they opt into the program, but donating to them through Smile will not create a windfall for your favorite nonprofit.

But a word of caution:

The whole ploy of AmazonSmile is to play on our psyche to give us a positive feeling for things we are going to buy anyway.

If you’re going to buy something anyway, don’t just hop onto Amazon so you can get donate to a charity. Here’s why:

As Alan Cantor, a consultant to nonprofits on fundraising explains it,

“Let’s say that over the holidays they purchase $25,000 worth of goods from Amazon—purchases that otherwise would have been made at local stores that your neighbors own and where taxpaying members of your community work. That $25,000 would have been a lot of income for those local stores, perhaps the difference between survival and closure, or keeping staff members or firing them. But you’ve thrown your lot in with Amazon. And in return you will get a kickback of … $125. Yes, that’s all that one-half of 1 percent of $25,000 amounts to.”

Yes, you read that right. Your local nonprofit is getting 0.5 percent.

Look at it this way: in order to give $50 to a charity, you’re looking at spending $10,000 with AmazonSmile.

So while it may be a feel-good way to give to something that matters to you, don’t let it replace your regular donations as it would do a disservice to them as well as our community.

Click here for a list of all York County charities on AmazonSmile

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