Nichols Store Markets Body Armor in Backpacks: A Safety Measure for Students?

An innovative way to protect school children or disturbing trend that too closely resembles bulletproof vests for our children?

Has the hashtag “notmychild” been popping up on your social media feeds lately?

If you haven’t heard yet, a well-known local company has been using the hashtag to raise awareness and promote marketing of bulletproof inserts that can be used in children’s backpacks.

After the recent shooting death of Detective Mike Doty in York, the murder of Peach Stand store clerk Karson Whitesell, and the devastating Parkland, Florida school shooting, Nichols Store has been advertising the Kevlar Level IIIA bulletproof inserts by Premier Body Armor, a North-Carolina based company. With posts of school-aged children wearing backpacks with the words “Because WE care and WHY NOT!”, along with the hashtag “notmychild”, Nichols seems to be starting a conversation around the reality of what the country is facing right now in our schools, neighborhoods, and places of business.

One comment from Nichols Store on their Facebook page said: “I’m willing to do what I can to give my child a chance of survival and anyone else out there.”

Responses vary, but most are favorable. Some questions raised discuss the use of inserts and their effectiveness against certain firearms beyond pistols. However, even if the inserts don’t protect from every firearm, they help in various situations with protection from lower-powered firearms and shrapnel.

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Nichols Store, 1980 Mount Holly Road, Rock Hill, sells Premier Body Armor inserts. The inserts are promoted to withstand projectiles from weapons up to a .44 Magnum handgun, or flying debris in case of a natural disaster. The inserts have a five-year lifespan and weigh more than 1 pound. Cost is $149.99-$199.99.

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