Microdistilleries Prompt New Beer App For S.C. Beer Lovers, Spirit Enthusists

Thanks to growing craft beer appreciation, York County can finally cash in on current alcohol trends

With the recent explosion in microdistilleries and breweries in South Carolina, spirit and craft beer appreciation is quickly becoming a part of our identity. With places like Legal Remedy Brewing Co. taking Rock Hill by storm, we are finally getting on board the booze train with great beverages other than our famed sweet tea. And there’s no better way to explore what the Palmetto State has to offer than to take a personal tour with the Satisfy Your Thirst App where you can search for wineries, cider mills, and breweries in York County and beyond.

South Carolina has more than just beer

Thanks to some legal changes in 2009, the production of spirits is so mainstream that there are now more than two dozen microdistilleries across the state producing bourbon, rum, vodka, and moonshine.

What is the Satisfy Your Thirst App?

Glad you asked. From Discover South Carolina, alcohol enthusiasts can pinpoint exact locations of breweries, distilleries, samplings, and more within the state and create your own tour. There’s even a tab for upcoming events to check out with detailed information. Love a particular brand? You can even stay up to date with the latest happenings, product launches, and news. Users can also download a color-coded print version of the guide mapping out known locations of breweries, wineries, distilleries, dairies and more throughout the state.

So drink up, Rock Hill Readers. And as they say, cheers!

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