Andrew Dys: The True Injustice that should Outrage York County

Dr. Greg Rutherford, president of York Technical College can surely see the race-baiting columnist employed by the Herald is the author of each article referred to in his most recent article discussing the college and its hosting of an event, hopefully understanding that the unrest is caused by one person and one person only: Andrew Dys.

Sadly, pinning a respected educational institution against an organization or two, as well as our community, is a dangerous and unbecoming thing to do as a member of media. Oh, and it goes against journalism ethics, a practical oath all writers take when entering news media.

A grossly negligent writer, uninformed Dys has little clue what the Sons of Confederate Veterans is about, despite it being a major nonprofit organization that serves family members of Civil War veterans. He is also unaware that, while the Baxter Hood Center on York Tech’s campus is taxpayer funded, the event will be paid for by those who schedule it, not the taxpayers.

Hopefully, the administration at York Tech will recognize this ploy for hate and see that nobody is actually upset about the event in March of 2017, save for those in the NAACP who are sadly on the hate train with Dys. York County is not on board, no matter how much he manipulates the power of media and the false weight of his headlines.

Herald Loses Readers through False reporting

By simply looking at reader comments on social media, one can see that the Herald’s followers (many who are unsubscribing daily)  see through one man’s sick obsession with civil disruption at any cost. Twisting words and selective interviewing, as well as selective informing, has readers realizing that local media isn’t always looking out for our best interests.

Dys’ article costs York County taxpayers thousands of dollars

Those costs consist of York County’s identity and the most recent: thousands of dollars in taxpayer money used to pay police officers for the recent Civil War reenactment at Brattonsville.

The only reason the department appointed police officers was because of a comment made in one of Dys’ recent articles, suggesting that there would be protests at the event due to the use of the Confederate flag. None of which hold verifiable credit.

No protestors showed up. Not one.

Diverting much-needed police protection in other areas or needlessly forcing officers in on their day off, we incurred a cost that could easily have been avoided when approached with common sense and not fear.

This has not been his first attempt to incite protests in York County. Dys has used the same tactic with the Sons of Confederate Veterans’ March 2017 convention, using terms referring to his own articles such as “opposition is growing”. However, there was no one present at Brattonsville’s event to show opposition; and the single organization who has shown said opposition is still the same group, not new ones.

Additionally, we spoke with those who worked at and attended the Civil War reenactment in Brattonsville and were informed that several vendors and reenactors were not permitted to use or sell the Confederate battle flag outside the historic context of the battle itself.

As Brattonsville rakes in several thousands of dollars for the annual event that theatrically depicts both Union and Confederate soldiers, none of which goes to reenactors or vendors, many said they will not be returning next year causing concern for financial contributions to the county.

Could this be the end of a boon for Brattonsville?

It’s too early to tell, but without vendors and entire platoons of reenactors, future events will be a no-go. For York County Heritage and Museums to lose out on large sums of money that could otherwise be spent preserving our history, paying its employees, and giving us top-rated events, the loss will ripple throughout our community as well as their wallet.


The outrage here is not who schedules what events where but the fact that there is a columnist who works for the area’s major media outlet who is encouraged to manipulate community leaders and residents alike with his very own column, causing unrest through non-issues made into race-baiting articles meant to turn us against one another.

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