Americans Optimistic About Job Creation After Election

More than half of U.S. adults (53%) say that the recent election results will have a positive effect on job creation, according to the results of a new American Staffing Association Workforce Monitor survey conducted online by Harris Poll.

“The ASA Workforce Monitor shows that jobs were an important consideration for voters in the November elections,” said Richard Wahlquist, president and chief executive officer of the American Staffing Association. “The survey results underscore the expectations of a majority of Americans that the new Congress and administration will make job creation a priority.”

More than half (55%) of adults say job creation was more important in this election than other issues facing the nation. Donald Trump voters are more likely than Hillary Clinton voters to think that jobs were more important than other issues facing the U.S. (68% compared with 49%), and that the election results will have a positive effect on job creation (89% compared with 24%), according to the ASA Workforce Monitor.

Job creation influenced decisions at the polls for about half (52%) of voters. Trump voters had a greater tendency than Clinton voters to say job creation had a major or moderate influence on their choices (64% compared with 44%), according to the survey results.

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