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The Roasting Company 122 Oakland Ave. Rock Hill, SC 29730 In this weeks episode of Southern Food Junkie, we stop by a brand new

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Landsford Canal State Park: Bald Eagles in Rock Hill’s Backyard

Just off the long stretch of highway known as Catawba River Road (or U.S. Hwy 21), nestled on a curve of the Catawba River, lies Landsford Canal  State Park. This gem of a park is comprised of nearly 450 acres of a diverse group of historic and natural attractions. The ruins of the old canal and excellent stonework that diverted water from the Catawba can still be explored throughout the park. Throughout the park, the wildlife photography opportunities are endless, and a special treat is the bald eagle.

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Four Tips to Naturally Boost Immune Function

  Worried about catching the flu? Don’t want your child to catch that cold going around at school or daycare? Get ready to learn a few simple changes that can boost your body’s natural immunity. Every day, 24/7, your body encounters germs on a second by second basis. We are surrounded. Many of these bacteria or viruses are capable of turning into cold-like symptoms or even the flu as our body adapts to them. What separates one person to the next? How is it that one person will become sick and another won’t, even when they have encountered the exact same germs? It’s simple. If the immune system is functioning at a high level, the germs won’t affect us; if it is not, that’s where we begin to get sick or feel under the weather. This article was originally published in the March 2018 issue of Rock Hill Reader the Magazine 1. Avoid Sugar I know, it’s that dreaded recommendation that no one wants to listen to… because sugar is a pervasive part of the SAD (standard American diet). It is no coincidence that the letters spell out “sad” because sugar’s nasty side effects on your health are sad indeed. Sugar increases inflammation, feeds bacteria and cancer cells, and depresses immune function overall. It should be minimized in your everyday life, but especially if you are trying to avoid sickness or are actively fighting illness. In those cases, it should be eliminated 100%. It’s not just things that taste sweet, like desserts, that need to be avoided. Sugar is added, in its many forms, avoided. Sugar is added, in its many forms to almost all processed foods. It is important to read labels on everything you eat and know all of the different forms of sugar to avoid, in order to truly be vigilant. 2.

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