7 Must-Try Restaurants in Waynesville, NC

I have stated many times that Western North Carolina is one of my favorite places to visit. There is something about that part of the Smoky Mountains that has a special place in my heart. It could be the childhood memories that I have experienced there. Or like a close friend of mine said when talking about a restaurant we both have been going to since childhood and now the food has gone down,”It is not really about the food for me anymore but about the atmosphere and tradition.” Either way, food and places we visit as a child hold special places in people’s heart. It is a way of connecting those memories with the past. Even if the food or place is not as good, you still like to visit it for the memories. Each time I have visited Maggie Valley, NC, we also visited nearby Waynesville. Waynesville is similar in style to Asheville, NC, but on a smaller scale. There are many really cool and unique shops located in downtown Waynesville. There just as many awesome restaurants throughout the town too. This is my list of 7 Must-Try Restaurants in Waynesville, NC.

#7 Ammons Drive-In & Dairy Bar

To start the list off, we check out a restaurant located at the intersection of Hwy 19 (Dellwood Rd) and Hwy 276, Ammons Drive-In is serving up your classic Drive in meals. The last time I visited I ordered the Hamburger Steak and it was awesome. You can come in and sit down or pull up for the curb service. They serve all your classic drive-in meals like cheeseburgers, hamburgers, hotdogs, fish sandwich, and chicken strips. After your meal, you can opt for a milkshake or a banana split. Ammons has to be included in our list of 7 Must-Try Restaurants in Waynesville, NC.

Ammons Drive-In and Dairy Bar
1451 Dellwood Rd
Waynesville, NC

#6 Fat Buddies Ribs and BBQ

Next, we have a BBQ joint on the list. Fat Buddies is your typical southern BBQ restaurant. They actually have two locations, one in Franklin, NC and one in Waynesville, NC. It is located in the Waynesville Plaza right off of Hwy 276. They are serving up some of Western NC best BBQ and ribs. They have all your normal BBQ offerings and a few unique ones like fried pickles and fried green beans. Fat buddies are certainly worth being on the list of 7 Must-Try Restaurants in Waynesville, NC.

Fat Buddies Ribs and BBQ
193 Waynesville Plaza
Waynesville, NC

#5 Frog’s Leap Public House

is a unique restaurant on its on. They are Located in Downtown Waynesville in one of the old historical buildings. They did an awesome job dressing the building up and showcasing the buildings natural and unique features.It has that industrial-modern feel on the inside of the
building with really high ceilings and lots of exposed brick.  I really like what they have done with it. The food there is just as great. When I stopped in I had a hamburger and it had a home made sauce that was out of this world. They have a very eclectic menu that matches their style. Many of their dishes look as they were cooked in a fancy New York City restaurant. The kicker is that you don’t pay the New York City Prices. Most of their ingredients are local sourced and are extremely fresh. Try it out, I think you will love it too. We had to include Frogs Leap on our 7 Must-Try Restaurants in Waynesville, NC.

Frogs Leap Public House
44 Church St.
Waynesville, NC

#4 Jukebox Junction Canton, NC

is located off the beaten path but it is not that far from downtown Waynesville. We love this restaurant and thought why not include it in the 7 Must-Try Restaurants in Waynesville. We found this place on accident one year while visiting a pumpkin patch just around the corner from Jukebox Junction. Jukebox Junction made our list of 7 Must-Try Restaurants in Waynesville, NC for the awesome food and staff that run the place. The food is great and the people working there are extremely nice. I recommend the club sandwich here. It is awesome. Stop by and check them out just remember to bring your GPS because you may need it to find them. It is definitely off the beaten path and one of the locals favorite places.

Jukebox Junction
6306 Pigeon Rd
Canton, NC

#3 Clyde’s Restaurant

Clyde’s Restaurant in Waynesville, NC

We just visited Clyde’s Restaurant a few weeks back. You can view our post from my visit here. I love the way Clyde’s looks. It has that old dinner feel to it. They have it decorated to a tee for the fall season and I imagine they continue that theme throughout the different seasons. I also love their sign. Few places have their original sign left but this appears to be one of them. It has that iconic dinner shape and design to it. The food there was really good. I had the open face sandwich and that gravy on it was to die for. I also want to mention those homemade rolls, mmm mmm good. My kids had chicken tenders and you could tell they were hand cut and breaded. It is worth the trip to stop by Clyde’s Restaurant. We simply had to include it in our 7 Must-Try Restaurants in Waynesville, NC.

Clyde’s Restaurant
2107 S Maint St
Waynesville, NC

#2 Sweet Onion

Sweet Onion is located in downtown Waynesville just on the opposite block from Frog’s Leap. Every time I go downtown, park, and walk around, I can smell the fumes wafting from the kitchen of Sweet Onion. It makes my mouth water every time. It always has a high score on trip advisor sometimes being number 1. The food here is simply amazing. Every time I mention going to Waynesville, people always say try out Sweet Onion. We did and we loved it. We ate here for lunch and like I mentioned above it was amazing. This is why Sweet Onion is number 2 on our 7 Must-Try Restaurants in Waynesville, NC.

#1 Bogarts


Drum Roll, please…We love Bogarts. We have eaten here a few times and it has always been right on cue. Most of the time this is a dinner place we eat so we have steaks. They are always flavorful, tender, and juicy. Just the way a steak should be. On trip advisor, they are always near the top like Sweet Onion’s and are sometimes number 1 too. I have never had a bad meal here and would recommend this to anyone. Bogart’s is one restaurant you must try and that is why we made it number 1 on our 7 Must-Try Restaurants in Waynesville, NC.

303 S Maint St
Waynesville, NC

Ok, so there it is our list of 7 Must-Try Restaurants in Waynesville, NC. I hope you will try these out and let us know what you think is your favorite. Did we get it wrong? I know when it comes to food it can be very subjective but this is our list of our favorite ones. There is more that we love and like so if you did not make it keep an eye out for our updated list next year.

Southern Food Junkie

Southern Food Junkie

Ronnie is a native to Rock Hill, South Carolina. Growing up in the south with a love for sweet tea, grits, collard greens, and cat head biscuits. A self-described foodie, he loves to try out new restaurants, especially the low key ones. He also has a passion for the outdoors and new adventures. He is married with 3 beautiful kids.

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