South Carolina and Moonshine go Hand in Hand

South Carolina’s Moonshine History

Popcorn Sutton

In searching for some great South Carolina attractions and features, I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to share this YouTube video with our readers about South Carolina Moonshine.

Discover South Carolina has awesome resources for those who call the Palmetto State home and tourists alike, and this video is no different.

Moonshining: A SouthernTradition

The Southern tradition of moonshining is something that’s been passed down from generation to generation and is literally in our blood. We all “know a guy” or have some seedy family connection to white lighnting. I myself share the last name of Popcorn Sutton, the Appalachian moonshiner of Maggie Valley, North Carolina who was given the nickname of “Popcorn” after his frustrated attack on a bar’s faulty popcorn vending machine with a pool cue.

Despite the classic, glorified status of shine, it was just a way of life for some people – and still is.

Most people think it’s all about rebels and renegades. It’s really not, it’s how people made extra money for their family.

This basic truth still lives on with legal distilleries popping up all over the state and country, offering regular folks and bootleggers alike a taste of the social spirit.

Check out this video and learn the difference between moonshine and whiskey, how moonshine mixes a great drink, and hear from some of the folks who make moonshine for a living.


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